War and Imperialism

Yıldız Önen is a socialist and activist from Turkey. She has organised in the antiwar movement since 2003 and has a PhD in political science from İstanbul Bilgi University. She is a member of Academics for Peace in Turkey and a member of the central committee of the the DSIP (Revolutionary Socialist Workers Party). With the Middle East riven by conflict and Turkish President Erdogan seizing new authoritarian powers, don’t miss Yildiz’s analysis in Erdogan’s Turkey, the Kurds and the Middle East crisis.


Taking on Turnbull

Turnbull is weak and his agenda is unpopular. But despite the the attack on penalty rates and the continuing blight of the Australian Building and Construction Commission we haven’t yet seen the union fight we need. Discuss the prospects for a fight-back with CFMEU delegate Denis McNamara in Taking On Turnbull – Will the Unions Fight?

Radical history: 100 years since the Russian revolution

100 years on from the greatest revolution in human history there is no better time to discuss the lessons and legacy of the Russian revolution of 1917. David Glanz from Solidarity brings it to life in Russia 1917: when workers shook the world. Don’t miss Solidarity member Paddy Gibson analysing attempts to spread the flames of revolution across the world in The Comintern 1919 – The Hope of International Revolution.

The meaning of Marxism

karlmarx2In a world riven by economic crisis, war and inequality many are looking for explanations of what’s wrong with the system. Two introductory workshops will introduce the key ideas of Marxism. Marxism 101: Why the working class will examine the class divisions and exploitation that underpins capitalism and why workers are the key to radical change. Marxism 102: Class and oppression outlines why a Marxist understanding of class is essential to fight racism, sexism and homophobia. Marxist economist Jean Parker will speak in a session evaluating the legacy and relevance of Marx’s seminal text in 150 years on: Reading Capital in the 21st century.

Racism, sexism and oppression

Donald Trump’s victory in the US Presidential elections has given confidence to bigots across the world. As we fight to prevent Trump’s reactionary politics becoming the new normal this session will look at Fighting Trump and Turnbull – Islamophobia and the ‘war on terror’ today. Author of Border Crimes Mike Grewcock will look at challenging Australia’s cruel anti-refugee policies in Refugees, Racism and the politics of Borders.

We are often told sexism is a product of ‘natural’ gender roles but in Science and sexism: Is gender hard-wired? neuroscientist Lesley Rogers will bust the myths.

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