Racism and the frontier wars

Systematic frontier massacres to drive Aboriginal people off the land established the foundation for Australian ruling class wealth. Historian and author Stephen Gapps will discuss the little know history of armed Aboriginal resistance in Settlement, racism & the politics of the frontier wars.

Marxism and revolution

Capitalism is a system of vast inequality, war and oppression.  Sessions on Marxism, class and revolution and Getting organised: Lenin and the revolutionary party will discuss Marxist strategies to fight for a better world.

Unions and the right to strike

The rules are stacked against workers and unions, in favour of corporations and bosses. We need to challenge the laws and “Change the Rules”. The right to strike–how do we change the rules will discuss why only the right to strike will rebuild the power of workers and our unions and how we can take it back.

Fascism and the rise of the far right

The far right is on the rise across the globe. Elections in Germany, France and Austria have shown the alarming extent of the growth of racism and the far right in Europe. Austria now has a coalition government including the fascist Freedom Party (FPO). David Albrich from Austria will join us to talk about Fighting fascism and the far-right in Europe

Fighting homophobia and sexism

Equal Marriage is now legal but LGBTI+ people continue to face oppression and discrimination. From Gay Marriage to liberation: lessons from gay liberation last time will discuss lessons from the 1970s liberation movement and the fight ahead. The #metoo phenomenon drew attention to how pervasive sexism is in women’s lives. From #metoo to women’s liberation will discuss where sexism comes from and how we can end it.

Plus sessions on climate change, Trump & more

Other topics include: The crisis of The Greens, Climate change, class and ecology and Trade, tariffs, war: Has Trump changed world capitalism plus more to be announced!

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