Below are some suggested background readings for each session at Keep Left 2017.

150 years on: Reading Marx’s Capital in the 21st century

What is exploitation?

Exploring Capital (Interview with Alex Callinicos)

Trump and China: Imperialism and the new world order

US imperialism and the new world order

Imperialism and instability in East Asia today

Racism, sexism, homophobia: Can Marxism explain oppression?

What’s wrong with privilege theory

Erdogan’s Turkey, the Kurds and the Middle East crisis

Interview with Yildiz Önen

Imperialism and sectarianism in the Middle East

Syria between both Assad’s and IS’s counter-revolution

Revolution and counter-revolution in Syria by Joseph Daher

Refugees, racism and the politics of borders

Racism, immigration and border controls

Detention, racism and refugee politics: A Solidarity pamphlet

Why the working class can change the world

What is class in the 21st century?

Science and sexism: is gender hardwired?

Sexism, psychology and pseudo-science (Review of Delusions of Gender)

Ford exposes a sexist society, but how do we fight it? (Review of Fight like a girl by Clementine Ford)

Teaching, testing and the crisis in education

We have to talk about Gonski: time for a real fight for public education by Lucy Honan

Gonski 2.0 shovels cash to private schools at expense of public system

Russia 1917: when workers shook the world

Russia 1917: when workers took power by David Glanz

Corbyn, The Greens and the crisis of the political mainstream

Greens’ direction at stake in attack on Lee Rhiannon and NSW left

Corbyn surge shows support for left alternative

The Comintern 1919: the hope of international revolution

The Comintern: beacon for world revolution

Noam Chomsky, anarchism and power

Anarchism: A Marxist criticism by John Molyneux

Noam Chomsky in perspective by Anthony Arnove

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