David Shoebridge
David is a Greens MP in the NSW upper house and will speak on Justice and mental illness: When police shoot to kill
Dennis McNamara
Dennis is a unionist and member of the Committee of Management of the CFMEU in NSW.
Giovanna Bonelli
Giovanna is an RTBU train driver delegate from Sydney
Lucy Honan
Lucy is Victorian AEU Councillor and a founder of Teachers for Refugees.
Erima Dall
Erima is a member of Solidarity and an MUA activist in Sydney
John Buchanan
Professor Buchanan is former director of the Workplace Research Centre
David Brophy
David Brophy is a history lecturer at Sydney Uni and author of a critical review of Clive Hamilton's Silent Invasion: China’s influence in Australia.
Vivian Honan
Vivian is a member of the NTEU at Sydney Uni and a member of the union's casuals network
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