Speakers Keep Left 2018
Jad is a Middle Eastern socialist based in Paris who has been part of the Yellow Vests protests and campaigns against racism and the National Front.
Ryan is a rank and file union activist within the NYC teachers union and a member of the Democratic Socialists of America in New York City
Austrian socialist and anti-fascist activist David Albrich will join us to talk about Fighting fascism and the far-right in Europe.
Callum is an Anaywan man from northern New South Wales and a founding member of the Anaiwan Language Revival Program.
Dr. Nahed Fraitekh Odeh is former head of the Women’s and Children’s Department of the Palestinian Legislative Council.
Joe is an organiser with the Unite union in New Zealand, which has successfully unionised low paid workers in fast food, cinemas and cleaning.
Lucy is Victorian AEU Councillor and a founder of Teachers for Refugees.
Jennicet is an activist for transgender rights and immigrant rights based in Los Angeles, California. She will speak via Skype.
Leesa and Ron Topic are the parents of Courtney Topic, who was fatally shot by police 44 seconds after they arrived
Ken helped organise the first Mardi Gras in 1978 and has been an activist in the LGBTI and trade union movements for decades
Alison Pennington is an industrial relations economist and author of recent research on the enterprise bargaining system. 
Ashley is author of Opposition Vanishing: The Australian Labor Party and the Crisis in Elite Politics
Brendan (who will speak via Skype) is a social studies teacher in the US state of West Virginia who was involved in their historic strike this year
Danni Wilkinson is a nurses' union activist from New Zealand and a member of Socialist Aotearoa
Chris is a former school principal, co-author of The Stupid Country and What makes a good school and a fellow of the Centre for Policy Development.
David Brophy is a history lecturer at Sydney Uni and author of a critical review of Clive Hamilton's Silent Invasion: China’s influence in Australia.
Dr Stephen Gapps is a historian researching early colonial Sydney and the Frontier Wars, and author of The Sydney Wars: Conflict in the early colony, 1788-1817
Paul is a nephew of David Dungay, killed by prison guards in the Long Bay prison hospital in December 2015
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