Saturday 30 March
Time Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
9:15 am


9:45 am

Palestine, resistance and revolution

Simon Assaf (Lebanese socialist)
11:30 am

Theories of settler colonialism

Paddy Gibson (Solidarity)

Imperialism and Ukraine: Has the US lost?

Adam Adelpour (Solidarity)

Marxism 101: How capitalism breeds war

Jordi Pardoel (Solidarity)
1:00 pm

Lunch break

2:00 pm

After COP28: Fossil fuels and the future for capitalism

Chris Breen (Solidarity)

Israel: Is Zionism in crisis?

David Glanz (Solidarity)

Marxism 101: Is international revolution possible?

Cooper Forsyth (Solidarity)
3:45 pm

A history of revolution in the Middle East

Erima Dall (Solidarity)

Climate, cost of living, Palestine: Why is Albanese so right-wing?

James Supple (Solidarity)

Marxism 101: Beyond the binaries – Marxism, sex and gender

Matilda Fay (Solidarity)
Sunday 31 March
Time Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
10:00 am

Imperialism and the Pacific: No US bases, no war on China

Phil Griffiths (Solidarity)

Trump, Trumpism and the crisis of US politics

Sophie Cotton (Solidarity)
11:30 am

Eyewitness to Genocide: Why Palestine is Right to Resist

Sameh Nasser (Eyewitness from Gaza)
1:00 pm

Lunch break

2:00 pm

The missing party: Rosa Luxemburg and the German revolution

Caitlin Doyle (Solidarity)

Alienation and the misery of capitalism

Lucy Honan (Solidarity)
3:45 pm

Closing session: A world to win

Amane Issa (Teachers and school staff for Palestine), Ian Rintoul (Solidarity)
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