Saturday 16 April
Time Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
9:15 am


9:45 am

COVID, capitalism and the left

Tom Barnes (Senior Research Fellow, ACU), Chris Breen (Solidarity)

Labor in power–Has it ever made a difference?

Jean Parker (Solidarity)

Marxism 101: Does privilege explain racism?

Dani Cotton (Solidarity)
11:30 am

Ukraine and imperialist war—No to Putin, No to NATO

Ian Rintoul (Solidarity)

Union panel: On the offensive

Damien Davis Franks (NSW nurses union activist), Vivian Honan (NSW teachers' union activist) Nick Riemer (Branch president, NTEU Sydney Uni)

Marxism 101: Can we ever get rid of sexism?

Jordi Pardoel (Solidarity)
1:00 pm

Lunch break

2:00 pm

System change not climate change

Ian Brown (Gomeroi activist), Kayla Hill (School Strike for Climate) Caitlin Doyle (Solidarity)
3:45 pm

Imperialism today: Will there be war with China?

Kim Yeong-ik (South Korean socialist), Clinton Fernandes (Professor International and Political Studies, UNSW Canberra), Phil Griffiths (Solidarity)

Communism and the family: The politics of Alexandra Kollantai

Lucy Honan (Solidarity)

Marxism 101: What would socialism look like?

Feiyi Zhang (Solidarity)
Sunday 17 April
Time Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
9:30 am


10:00 am

Fed up and angry: US workers strike back

Justine Medina (Amazon worker)
11:30 am

After the Rolfe trial—How do we stop police killings?

Valerie Napaljarri Martin (Yuendumu resident) Paddy Gibson (Jumbunna Institute and Solidarity)

Fighting fascism in Australia—Lessons from Brunswick against the Nazis

David Glanz (Solidarity)
1:00 pm

Lunch break

2:00 pm

The Woomera breakout 20 years on

James Supple (Solidarity, participant in Woomera 2002 protest) plus protest video

Revolution and the Middle East: Why Palestine is still the issue

Fahad Ali (Sydney festival boycott campaign), Erima Dall (Solidarity)
3:45 pm

Closing session: Dump Morrison, Fight for system change

Anastasia Radievska (Ukrainian activist), Ian Brown (Gomeroi activist), Adam Adelpour (Solidarity)

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