Saturday and Sunday 30-31 March

Saturday and Sunday 30-31 March

Glebe Town Hall, Sydney

Glebe Town Hall Sydney

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About Keep Left 2024

Israel has unleashed genocide on Gaza, murdering tens of thousands and destroying water, sanitation and housing in order to make life there impossible. Yet Australia, the US and European countries are backing and arming Israel, as central to US control of the region. Meanwhile another horrifying war continues in Ukraine, as the US, NATO and Russia compete for power. Tensions between the US and China are also growing. We also face climate catastrophe, with the threat of runaway warming and extreme weather, while governments won’t take the action needed.

But the global movement for Palestine, as well as strike waves across Britain, France and the US in response to the cost of living crisis show the hope for change. Join us at Keep Left to discuss global crisis and resistance, and how we can fight for change.

Keep Left is a two day festival of socialist ideas and discussion hosted by Solidarity.

Simon Assaf is Lebanese revolutionary socialist based in London. He reported on the 2006 Israeli war in Lebanon for Socialist Worker, writes regularly on the Middle East and is on the editorial board of The Public Source (Lebanon). He will speak via Zoom.
Latoya is a Wiradjuri and Maori researcher, writer and campaigner.
Sameeh was displaced from Gaza City as Israel's bombs rained down, arriving in Australia in December. He will give an eyewitness account of life under Israel’s genocidal onslaught.
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Keep Left is an annual conference organised by Solidarity
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