Valerie Napaljarri Martin
Valerie is a senior Walpiri woman from the community of Yuendumu, where recently acquitted police officer Zach Rolfe shot 19-year-old Kumanjayi Walker dead.
Clinton Fernandes
Clinton is a Professor of International and Political Studies at UNSW in Canberra and author of Island off the coast of Asia
Clare Lemlich
Clare is a socialist based in Los Angeles and a member of Marx21. She will speak on the wave of strikes in the US by essential workers triggered by the pandemic
Kayla Hill
Kayla is an activist and Outreach & Accessibility Organiser with School Strike for Climate in Sydney
Kim Yeong-ik
Kim is a South Korean socialist who has written for Socialist Worker on imperialism in Asia
Ian Brown
Ian is a Gomeroi man campaigning against the Santos Narrabri coal seam gas project
Fahad Ali
Fahad is a member of the Palestinian diaspora, co-founder of the Queer Solidarity Film Festival, and was part of the Sydney Festival boycott campaign
Justine Medina
Justine is a member of the Amazon Labor Union organizing committee and a packer at the JFK8 Amazon warehouse
Anastasia Radievska
Anastasia is a Ukrainian-Australian who has spoken out against the war, and assists the NSW Legal Observers project
Nick Riemer
Nick is branch president of the NTEU at Sydney Uni and a Senior Lecturer in the English Department
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