Simon Assaf
Simon Assaf is Lebanese revolutionary socialist based in London. He reported on the 2006 Israeli war in Lebanon for Socialist Worker, writes regularly on the Middle East and is on the editorial board of The Public Source (Lebanon). He will speak via Zoom.
Latoya Aroha Rule
Latoya is a Wiradjuri and Maori researcher, writer and campaigner.
Sameeh Naser
Sameeh was displaced from Gaza City as Israel's bombs rained down, arriving in Australia in December. He will give an eyewitness account of life under Israel’s genocidal onslaught.
Ian Brown
Ian is a Gomeroi activist campaigning against the Santos Narrabri coal seam gas project who will join the panel on What's the alternative to the Voice?
Anne Alexander
Anne is an academic and author of 'Revolution is the Choice of the People': Crisis and Revolt in the Middle East and North Africa
David Brophy
David Brophy is a lecturer in modern Chinese history at Sydney Uni and author of the book China Panic: Australia's Alternative to Paranoia and Pandering
Dave Hauser
Dave is a member of the RTBU and an activist with Rank and File First. He will join the panel on Has Enterprise Bargaining killed the right to strike?
Rhonda Dixon-Grovenor
Rhonda is a Gadigal, Bidgigal and Yuin elder and the daughter of legendary Aboriginal activist Dr Charles “Chicka” Dixon.
Ethan Lyons
Ethan is a Wiradjuri student and an organiser with School Strike for Climate in Sydney who helped organise the 3 March Climate Strike
Baharan Majidi
Baharan is an Iranian activist and protest organiser in Sydney
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