A two day conference of socialist ideas, debate and discussion organised by Solidarity
Keep Left 2018 August 18-19

Donald Trump’s threats of tariff wars or real wars are destabilising the globe, threatening to push us back into economic crisis. Elections in Germany, France and Austria have shown the alarming growth of the far right, as they use racism to scapegoat migrants and refugees. In Australia, Malcolm Turnbull is ruling for the rich, demanding tax cuts for big business and the wealthy. For the last five years, his government has maintained prison islands on Manus and Nauru as it boasts about keeping out refugees.

But there is also resistance. Both the refugees themselves and thousands of ordinary people here have protested against the government’s racism. Union leaders are attacking inequality and stagnant wages and talk of changing the rules for workers. Keep Left 2018 will bring together activists from across Australia to discuss these challenges, and how we can build a fight back for real change.

Keep Left is an annual two-day conference of revolutionary ideas and discussion hosted by Solidarity. Keep Left 2018 will be held at Sydney University from 18-19 August.

Austrian socialist and anti-fascist activist David Albrich will join us to talk about Fighting fascism and the far-right in Europe.
Dr. Nahed Fraitekh Odeh is former head of the Women’s and Children’s Department of the Palestinian Legislative Council.
Jennicet is an activist for transgender rights and immigrant rights based in Los Angeles, California. She will speak via Skype.
Dr Stephen Gapps is a historian researching early colonial Sydney and the Frontier Wars, and author of The Sydney Wars: Conflict in the early colony, 1788-1817
Marcelo Svirsky is an Israeli political scientist who works at Wollongong University and a member of the University of Wollongong Staff for Boycott Divestment and Sanctions group
David is a Greens MP in the NSW upper house and will speak on Justice and mental illness: When police shoot to kill
Callum is an Anaywan man from northern New South Wales and a founding member of the Anaiwan Language Revival Program.
Brendan (who will speak via Skype) is a social studies teacher in the US state of West Virginia who was involved in their historic strike this year
Professor John Buchanan, Sydney University Business School, is a former director of the Workplace Research Centre.
Racism and the frontier wars

Systematic frontier massacres to drive Aboriginal people off the land established the foundation for Australian ruling class wealth. Historian and author Stephen Gapps will discuss the little know history of armed Aboriginal resistance in Settlement, racism & the politics of the frontier wars.

Marxism and revolution

Capitalism is a system of vast inequality, war and oppression.  Sessions on Marxism, class and revolution and Getting organised: Lenin and the revolutionary party will discuss Marxist strategies to fight for a better world.

Unions and the right to strike

The rules are stacked against workers and unions, in favour of corporations and bosses. We need to challenge the laws and “Change the Rules”. The right to strike–how do we change the rules will discuss why only the right to strike will rebuild the power of workers and our unions and how we can take it back.

Fascism and the rise of the far right

The far right is on the rise across the globe. Elections in Germany, France and Austria have shown the alarming extent of the growth of racism and the far right in Europe. Austria now has a coalition government including the fascist Freedom Party (FPO). David Albrich from Austria will join us to talk about Fighting fascism and the far-right in Europe

Fighting homophobia and sexism

Equal Marriage is now legal but LGBTI+ people continue to face oppression and discrimination. From Gay Marriage to liberation: lessons from gay liberation last time will discuss lessons from the 1970s liberation movement and the fight ahead. The #metoo phenomenon drew attention to how pervasive sexism is in women’s lives. From #metoo to women’s liberation will discuss where sexism comes from and how we can end it.

Plus sessions on climate change, Trump & more

Other topics include: The crisis of The Greens, Climate change, class and ecology and Trade, tariffs, war: Has Trump changed world capitalism plus more to be announced!














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