Yildiz Önen
Socialist and activist from Turkey on Erdogan, Kurdish liberation and the Middle East.
Joseph Daher
Joseph is a Syrian revolutionary who will speak via Skype on imperialism and sectarianism in the Middle East.
Lesley Rogers
Professor Rogers is author of Sexing the brain, which rejects biological explanations for gendered behaviour.
David Shoebridge
David is a Greens MP in the NSW upper house and will speak on The Greens & the crisis of the political mainstream.
David Zyngier
David, from the Education Faculty at Monash University, will discuss teaching, testing and the crisis in education.
Lee Rhiannon
Lee is The Greens Senator for NSW and will speak on the closing panel.
Joseph Collins
Joseph is a lecturer in the Department of Political Economy at Sydney University.
Aishah Ali
Aishah is a student activist and slam poet who will join our panel on Islamophobia and the ’war on terror’ today.
Paddy Gibson
Paddy is a researcher at the Jumbunna Indigenous centre at UTS, and a long time activist for Aboriginal rights.
Dennis McNamara
Dennis is a unionist and member of the Committee of Management of the CFMEU in NSW.
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